5 Ways To Make Mask Wearing Manageable For School

The idea of your child returning to school and having to wear a mask all-day can bring about some questions. The question most frequently asked seems to be, “What can I do to prepare my child for wearing a mask throughout the school day?” There are several ways to better prepare your kids for wearing their masks more often, here are 5 ways you can get your whole family in the groove of mask-wearing. 

Helping your child get used to wearing a mask:

Have a daily “Mask Up” ritual.

Make “masking up” a habit. Just like brushing your teeth, make it a point to put your mask on around the same time. Maybe even make a little song and dance for it!

Fashion masks are all the rage right now. Encourage parents to make it a fun experience picking out masks that reflect their child’s individuality and interests. Sky’s the limit!

Veazie parent of 2, Jessica

Plan an adventure, but keep your mask on!

Go biking or hiking, sightseeing, or scavenger hunting. Whatever your adventure may be, have your kids wear a mask throughout the activity.

Spend time reading together, keep your masks on for a few pages, then a few chapters!

Starting small may be the best way to get your child used to having a mask on.

This is absolutely wonderful. Parents should lead by example. Educate children that COVID is real and that the masks work. Advocate for social awareness even at a young age, that they too are responsible for the well being of their friends. Teach them to hold each other accountable (remind each other to wear a mask, wash hands, etc.) Inevitably it starts at home.

Brewer parent of three, Sheila

Play your favorite games, masks included!

From board games to video games, have your child wear their masks while they play.

Visit your favorite places all while wearing your masks for as long as you can!

Keep your whole family active while actively wearing their masks.

Planning ahead to make sure your child is always masked up:

  • Get a multi-pack of masks so you have a few options (they are available everywhere from local shops to Old Navy!)
  • Pack an extra just in case (Things can get hectic in the mornings … put an extra mask in a Ziploc bag and stick it in your child’s backpack so that if they forget to grab one when you’re leaving the house there is always a backup!)

We did the math and made sure we have enough masks so that everyone in the family has a clean one for each day of the school week. That way, if schedules get crazy and laundry doesn’t get done during the week, we aren’t worried about a clean mask.

Glenburn parent of two, Elizabeth