Coping With COVID

The impact of COVID-19 has been significant. It has affected all aspects of the way we live, which can lead to stress.

Learning to cope with this stress will not only be beneficial to you; It will benefit your family, friends, and our Maine community as a whole.

Make Sure You’re Prioritizing Your Mental Health

Making sure your physical health is taken care of during this pandemic is critical, but keeping your mental health a priority as well can help prevent further issues.

This stress can lead to a variety of problems,

  • Fear/Concern about your own health.
  • Fear/Concern about the health of those you care about.
  • Fear/Concern about your financial situation.
  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns.
  • Worsening of chronic health issues.
  • Worsening of previous mental health conditions.
  • Increased use or abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and/or other substances.

Below is a list of resources for you, your family members, and others you know who may need information on coping strategies during this time.