How You Can Help Our Healthcare Community

COVID 19 is spreading in our community and anyone of us might be exposed or have COVID 19.

Maine CDC has had to change its protocols because of this spread and limit contact tracing to the most at risk among us (young people under 19, adults over 65, and individuals that are hospitalized, in congregate care, or have chronic medical conditions).

Our healthcare community needs your help. 

If you are age 19-64 and you test positive for COVID-19—please call your close contacts to let them know that they were exposed to COVID-19. 

How does this help? 

Letting people know they have been exposed is necessary for them to protect their friends, neighbors, and their communities. Giving them a call means you care about them. This will help our healthcare workers and our community slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Who are your close contacts?

People that you were with for 15 minutes or more, less than 6 feet apart, within a 24 period. Look back 48 hours before your onset of symptoms (or your positive test if you are asymptomatic) to who you were with. Call them immediately to alert them.

What should your close contacts do?

Close contacts should quarantine for 10 days.  They can also call their primary care provider or dial 2-1-1 for help from a nurse. If you need help to stay in quarantine, Penquis may be able to help. Search for Penquis on Facebook to connect with them.

How else can I help stop the spread of COVID? 

Wear a mask, keep your distance, wash hands frequently, and keep the number of contacts you have with people outside your household as small as possible. Get vaccinated when you are able to.