Make A Plan To Get Your Flu Shot

The combination of a severe, or even mild, flu season and the current pandemic could create complications for hospitals and healthcare facilities in the coming months and increase the risks of you or your loved ones getting sick. Although there is no vaccine for COVID-19, there is a flu vaccine. That is why it is important for most over the age of 6 months to get a flu shot.

Here is how you can get your flu shot:

  • Call your primary care provider.
  • Ask your child’s pediatrician to schedule an appointment.
  • You can also ask if your doctor’s office is holding a drive-through flu shot clinic!
  • Visit your local pharmacy or urgent care center! Here are some locations offering flu vaccines for free or at a reduced cost:
    • Hannaford
    • Target (CVS Pharmacy)
    • Walgreens
    • Shaw’s
    • Northern Light Pharmacy
    • Bangor Drug Company
    • Convenient MD
  • Ask your employer if they will be offering flu shots for employees.
  • See if your child’s school is running a clinic and get your children on that schedule!

Need a way to get to a pharmacy or flu shot clinic?

Call Penquis Lynx at 207-974-2420.

Don’t have a primary care provider? Worried you can’t afford a flu shot?

Call Bangor Public Health at 207-992-4548 to discuss how you can get your flu shot at little to no cost!

Keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Get your flu shot today!