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Coronavirus tips that doctors wish patients would follow

As communities across the country continue to navigate the impending flu season amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that we all take preventive measures to minimize risk and limit exposure to the coronavirus. Following proper precautions can decrease a person’s chances of being infected or spreading the deadly virus. With the U.S. surpassing […]

What Doctors Wish People Knew About Masks

Many U.S. states are mandating everyone to wear masks to slow the spread of COVID-19. Continued circulation of misinformation about masks may have some questioning how effective they truly are. This has threatened to undermine the growing body of evidence that proves wearing masks slows the spread of COVID-19. Healthcare experts want to address those […]

Mythbusting: 5 Myths About Mask Wearing

There are many misconceptions about mask-wearing. Today we want to bust some of those myths you may have seen floating around.  MYTH #1 Masks don’t work! It has been shown that those countries that implemented mask-wearing earlier on during the pandemic, slowed the spread of COVID-19 transmission. Though surgical masks and PPE have been proven […]

5 Ways To Make Mask Wearing Manageable For School

The idea of your child returning to school and having to wear a mask all-day can bring about some questions. The question most frequently asked seems to be, “What can I do to prepare my child for wearing a mask throughout the school day?” There are several ways to better prepare your kids for wearing […]

Making Your Mask More…You!

When you’re leaving the house each day you run through your usual list; Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. And now…mask? Check! Wearing a face covering in public has become the “new normal” but, it doesn’t have to be so mundane. You can create masks for every outfit, you can make your mask a statement, you can […]